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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral piece of a proper financial plan. The fact is many people do not concentrate on tax planning

Understanding the impact taxes will have on your financial well-being is essential, especially for those who are self-employed. Take time to plan for the current year and make adjustments to create positive momentum.  There are always new laws and changing provisions in the tax code, which, again illustrate the importance of planning.

Tax planning is not a device to reduce tax burden. In fact, it helps savings by investments in government securities. Savings reduce extravagance, and correspondingly inflation. Tax savings are permitted only for investment made i:n government securities and bonds of priority sectors which ultimately help the nation. Therefore, the savings in tax help the Central and state governments to mobilizes funds by way of investments and as such the government earns much by way of other benefits, by sacrificing small amount of tax. The Supreme Court in one case observed that “Tax planning may be legitimate provided it is within the framework of Law”. By tax planning, the government is equally benefited.

Savings and investments are interconnected. Before making investments the person has to consider various factors such as

  • Liquidity-when he requires the amount to meet the educational expenses of children,for marriage, house construction or for a secure future after retirement.
  • Security of the investment.
  • The return and tax on income on such investments.

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